This site will try to teach you most of what you need to know about PowerShell, all the way from novice to an experienced PowerShell master. Here you can find guides, scripts, modules and more, to help you become more proficient with PowerShell.


My name is Martin Norlunn, and I work as a senior infrastructure engineer with passion for scripting, automation, and toolmaking. Preferrably with PowerShell, but i’m also well versed in lots of other languages and technologies. I hold two MSCE, and two MCSA certifications. I have been in love with PowerShell since 2015, and have written tens of thousands of lines of code in PowerShell, created many modules, applications, advanced functions, and scripts. I try to write as clean code as possible, and always adhere to community best practices.

As I continue to learn new stuff I will make sure to share it in the blog for you to enjoy,